Supplemental Health Insurance Protects You From Out of Pocket Expenses

It pays when major medical doesn’t.

Supplemental health insurance makes zero-out-of-pocket health care a reality. When we combine supplemental health insurance coverage with our major medical plans, you no longer have to worry about unforeseen expenses.

Thankfully, due to advances in medical technology and treatment, we are surviving the formerly fatal conditions of Stroke, Heart Attack, Cancer and other Critical Illnesses.  Unfortunately most Major Medical insurance does not cover the unforeseen expenses of in-home care, skilled nursing care, loss of income due to impaired ability, and living expenses during recovery of these conditions.  Most medical bankruptcies occur for working individuals who DO have Major Medical insurance.  Supplemental plans can prevent the unnecessary pain of financial strain due to medial bills.

Critical illness and accidents occur every second of every day! With the right supplemental coverage, these situations are paid for when you need it most. Below are some examples of what our supplemental plans may help cover: